Nature Reconnection at the Roundhouses


£18 including refreshments (drink and a snack). You may bring your own if your have a specialised diet or allergies.(Over 18s only)



Sessions are four weekly on a Thursday morning - each one is unique:


Thursday 21.7.22 - Summer Colour, Natural Dyes & Pigments£18 pp

Thursday 18.8.22 - Botanical Monotype Prints £18 pp

Thursday 15.9.22 - Twisting and Turning; making nettle cordage and a spindle £18pp

Thursday 13.10.22 - Simple Willow Craft £18pp

Thursday 10.11.22 - Ember Bowl & Fire making £18pp

Thursday 8.12.22 - Winter Festival Crafts £18 pp


What time?

10am - 12.00pm (arrive about 10 minutes before for a prompt start. Optional, bring a packed lunch to stay until 1pm. Tina and Ian will be eating lunch and packing up.)



To book?

Email Tina - 



  • name
  • the date you would like to book
  • address
  • phone number
  • email address
  • how you intend to pay

Tina will send you a confirmation including details about the session and how to pay by BACS. You may pay in cash on the day. If you have paid prior to the day you will be re-imbursed if Tina cancels. We need at least 4 particpants to proceed. If you cancel at very short notice you may incur a charge especially if that leads to a last minute  cancelation of the session.


Is it outdoors? Will it be cancelled if it rains?

All sessions are 100% outdoors. You could take shelter inside a roundhouse but the entrances are very low, they are very primitive inside and have their own residents; birds and insects. Tina is a Forest School leader and usually works, "Whatever the weather". Our pilot session started with heavy rain. The participants had looked at the forecast and came prepared wearing waterproofs and hardy footwear and brought umbrellas. They were particularly enthusiastic about the sound of the rain pattering on the leaves in the woods. Luckily it brightened up later. Tina would cancel if the weather conditions were a threat to safety. 



The Herd Farm roundhouse enclosure - Herd Farm is a Residential and Activity Centre at Eccup. To find Herd Farm drive up Harrogate Road from Leeds, take the first left after the Grammar School at Leeds, follow the road past the reservoir and through a field. Take the right at the T-junction. Buzz to enter herd Farm. Say you are in Tina's group. Tina will meet you in the car park and indicate where the toilet is so we are ready to start at 10.00am.


What will I do?

Each session will include a mindful nature walk, a mini nature-inspired art or craft workshop and refreshments around the campfire. Click the Green Sketching and Charcoal tab above to see the pilot session.


Do I need to be skilled at art and craft?

No, the mini workshops are introductory and are intended to give a taste of something you may wish to develop further. Art and craft are mindful and the session is intended to be a relaxing, no pressure experience. You do not have to engage with it but we hope you will. Tina will be leading most of these sessions and although a life long artist and crafter is not an expert and it may be that you are the expert with skills and knowledge to share. All the art and craft workshops will be nature inspired, being one of the threads (no pun intended) to develop a nature connection that is refreshing to mind, body and soul.


How fit do I need to be?

You need to be able to do a gentle walk and be able to walk down and uphill as the roundhouse enclosure is at the bottom of a valley. Our seating is rudimentary (logs and planks) and we are happy for you to bring a camping chair or stool if that is more comfortable. 


How many people will be there?

From 4 - 12 plus the 2 leaders.


Who are the Leaders?

Tina of Forest School Plus will be there to welcome and guide you. Ian, archaeologist ( will be on hand to reflect on past people's relationship with nature.


Will there be any Covid precautions?

Since restarting sessions in June 2021 we have operated under what we call our Covid-aware risk assessments. We have chosen to stop all inside workshops and work 100% outside. Although we work with classes we are no longer going into schools and picking up bugs. We will have rudimentary handwashing available and santiser to hand so particpants can sanitise if sharing any resources. It is fine to bring your own tools (if you are a competent user) so you don't have to share. We are happy for you to bring your own sanitizer or wipes. If you wish to wear a mask or to social distance that is fine too.

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