Summer Colour and Natural Dyes - 21.7.22

Our second session of Nature Reconnection at the Roundhouses focused on Summer Colour and Natural Dyes.


After a mindful walk in the woods everyone made their way to the roundhouse enclosure. Luckily the heatwave weather had passed so working over boiling pans was not too much of an ordeal. As the workshop was short Tina had prepared the fabric so it was already mordanted. There were 2 natural dye baths; birch bark which had been prepared the previous day and turmeric which was mixed on site. Some fabric samples were tie dyed.


While the fabric was bubbling away everyone enjoyed a cuppa and had a snack. This session's home bake was marmalade tea loaf. In future sessions there will be some cooking over fire but this isn't possible the fire is needed for workshop processes.


Chat moved to the roundhouses and visitors went into to investigate.


The iron pot and tripod was used to make an iron solution. Bicarb was used to experiment and see how the colour of the tumeric dye changed. See the russett red and tie dye samples. At first there was no change but as contact with the air increased the colour deepened. The birch bark dyed the fabric a pale pinky biege and everyone could see the effect of the mordant as the unmordanted fabric did not take any dye.


It was a very enjoyable session. All appreciated being in nature, investigating colours, chatting and eating together. Participants particularly liked the tranquility of Herd Farm and the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature whilst taking part in a craft session. Before we packed up everyone enjoyed their picnic lunch around the fire.

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