Outdoor Learning at Herd Farm FAQs

What and where is Herd Farm?

Herd Farm is a residential and activity centre in Leeds. It has a beautiful large site with an Iron Age style enclosure containing 3 replica roundhouses. https://www.herdfarm.co.uk/



What outdoor learning does Forest School Plus (FSP) do at Herd Farm?

We can accomodate curriculum linked outdoor learning to more child centred Forest School type sessions.

Most of our sessions at Herd Farm have been to support learning about Changes in Prehistoric times from Stone Age to Iron Age because Herd Farm has a reconstructed Iron Age enclosure with three roundhouses and FSP can construct a Mesolithic camp.

Sessions about the Invasion of Britain by the Romans called "The Romans are Coming!". 

Other sessions are possible including: curriculum linked outdoor learning and Forest School for pupils, and art/craft or CPD for adults.

Contact Tina for details.


How much do the sessions cost?

April 2021 – March 2022

£250 – one class for one half day session

£350 – two classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon on the same day

£500 – two classes on separate dates

VAT applies in some cases. Contact Herd Farm for details.

Do you charge per child?

No, we charge by class as FSP can only work with one class at a time and the work involved is the same for a class or 20 or 30. Pupils in a smaller class may get more chance to engage in discussion.

Can we bring 2 classes at the same time?

No, Forest School Plus has a team of 2. Also Herd Farm has limited facilities for day visitors(especially during Covid times) and our fire circle can just accomodate a class of 30.


How has Covid affected the learning sessions?

Covid aware sessions begin again in June 2021.

These have been planned to keep participants and leaders safe and to keep bubbles separate. To facilitate this the learning sessions will be half days (approximately 2 hours) and 100% outside, either in the morning or the afternoon. Classes will be allocated a toilet for their bubble’s sole use.


Can classes eat lunch at Herd Farm?

No, unfortunately we can no longer offer the option of taking a picnic lunch to Herd Farm. In exceptionally poor weather before Covid, Herd Farm were usually able to offer indoor space for lunch. H&S restrictions due to Covid means that this is no longer available. Returning to school for lunch or eating before arriving is a way of limiting time at Herd Farm as part of our Covid aware plan.


Handling of Forest School Plus resources will be limited and these will be quarantined/sanitised between different groups. This has had an impact on the type of activities we will be able to offer e.g. no close contact so no face painting or dressing up and the frequency we can offer sessions is limited to Mondays and Fridays only.


Participants must take appropriate action during the visit for others safety including hand washing, sanitising, social distancing from FSP leaders or other visitors to Herd Farm. Artefacts on display must not be touched and pupils must be supervised at all times. Schools must cancel if their bubble has broken. Anyone with symptoms, a positive test result or self-isolating must not attend. Contact Herd Farm as soon as possible to discuss reason for cancellation. Contact Tina to re-schedule bookings.


How are the Covid aware sessions like the previous Prehistory Experiences?

The Herd Farm site continues to be awe inspiring.


The roundhouse enclosure is an exceptional resource for learning about Prehistory and the Britons at the time of the Roman Invasion. We are also setting up a Mesolithic Camp adjacent to the enclosure facilitating the time travelling experience during the visit.


Tina is an experienced teacher and Forest School leader ensuring that the concepts taught are relevant to the curriculum, accessible to KS2 and hands on when possible.


Ian is an experienced archaeologist ( http://www.ianrobertsarchaeology.co.uk/ ) ensuring information reflects current research and his own experience of experimental archaeology. He is be available to answer questions.


We will conclude the session around the fire circle, lighting a fire using prehistoric methods and reflecting on the visit and looking at artefacts in more detail if time allows.


When will full day visits start again?

We cannot say at this time.


Although the UK has done well with it’s vaccination programme, the world is still in a pandemic and many in the UK are unvaccinated or only partially vaccinated. It is the nature of viruses to vary so we do not know yet if the vaccination programme will allow us to return completely to the old “normal”. While there is movement of people globally and poorer countries have limited access to vaccines we will still be living with the virus for the time being and control measures will continue to be necessary. Re-opening of UK life and facilities does not imply all H&S and hygiene mediation is no long required. Both Forest School Plus, Herd Farm and schools have a duty of care to young people so we all need to act within our risk assessments for Covid.


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