The Stone Age Experience (before Covid)


  • At the beginning of you visit we will discuss life as a hunter gatherer.
  • Walking through time your class will learn to identify familiar trees and find out how these conbributed to survival. 
  • At the Mesolithic camp will find out more about skills needed to survive as a nomad
  • The class will tehn make their own mesolithic shelters.
  • Then the class will have an artefact session with the opportunity to question Ian our archaelogist.
  • Moving to the farmstead there will be activities highlighting how Neolithic farmers were skilled crafters.
  • After lunch there will be time to train as a Stone Age hunter.
  • The day will end with a history of fire lighting session around the tribe's fire circle.


Although we will use the roundhouses for our Neolithic farmstead any artefacts dressing the site will reflect Stone Age technological development.


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