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The Iron Age Experience @HerdFarm

Experience what day-to-day life was like in the Iron Age.


Forest School Plus, in collaboration with Herd Farm Activity Centre, offers a day of outdoor activities to support Key Stage 2 learning about the changes from Stone Age to Iron Age.


The sessions are led by Tina Roberts, a qualified teacher and Forest School leader, and Ian Roberts a professional archaeologist.


The Iron Age activities at Herd Farm utilise a typical reconstructed Iron Age farmstead, comprising three authentic full-sized replica roundhouses within a ditched enclosure, set in the rolling rural setting of north Leeds. The exciting setting is conducive to understanding and appreciating the challenges of prehistoric life and the skills and ingenuity that were required to survive over 2,000 years ago.


You and your pupils will spend a day in an Iron Age Village and find out how our ancestors lived. In the afternoon pupils and accompanying adults will dress as Iron Age villagers and take part in exciting dynamic activities that reflect day to day life in the Iron Age.


The day will be spent outside so pupils and accompanying adults will need to be prepared for the weather. 


A typical day could include:

  • Welcome to Herd Farm and introduction to Tina and Ian
  • A walk through time to the Iron Age to look at materials and resources available to aid survivial in prehistoric times
  • A tour of the Iron Age village and finding out about; roundhouse construction, life a roundhouse and Iron Age crafts 
  • Eat lunch outside around the fire circle
  • Finding out about Iron Age clothes and getting face painted and dressed as warriors
  • Warrior training
  • Village bonding - light a fire at the end of the day and share highlights


Activities on the day vary according to the length of the visit, questions posed by pupils, weather and season. Iron Age Activities could include:

  • Roundhouse making skills including making wattle fences
  • Iron Age Crafts
  • Spear training, hunting and stalking
  • Daily tasks such a grinding corn with a beehive quern

There are alternatives to the Iron Age Expereince:

  • The Stone Age Experience - Find out about changes through the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic, make a mesolithic shelter, see the change in tool technology over time, become a hunter, findout about prehistoric firelighting
  • The Prehistroic Walk Through Time - This includes the chronology from The Stone Age to the Iron Age and elements of the Stone Age and Iron Age Experiences
  • The Romans are coming! - It's 70AD in Brigantia, should the tribe fight the Romans or try to make peace? Explore the story of local Queen Cartamandua, find out about Roman Soldiers, visit a Celt village and experience life from the view point of a Roman soldier and Brigante warrior.
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