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The Survival Experience

Do you want to inspire your upper KS2 reluctant writers? Forest School Plus can bring the Survival Experience to your school. This immersive hands on experience will not only provide you with a fantastic resource of memories and images to inspire writing across many genres it will also help develop resilience and attitudes to develop a growth mindset.


At the beginning of the day Tina and Ian will set up the survival camp in your grounds. Before play Tina will introduce the class to elements of survival knowledge, skills and equipment. The class will prepare for the outside and after play they will learn how to make an efficient survival shelter. In teams they will construct their shelter.


After lunch using their shelter as their base they will work co-operatively to meet a set of challenges. Throughout the day they will also do 2 skills sessions with Tina or Ian including fire lighting, cordage and rope making.


The day will conclude around a fire and emergency rations can be shared while pupils reflect on their day discussing; what skills they have learnt, what they have learnt about themselves and how this can help in their life and their learning.


£220 for a full day with one class.


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