Coronovirus News - Updated 5.5.22

Forest School Plus (FSP) re-opened bookings of outside sessions at Herd Farm in Spring 2021. We are no longer taking bookings for inside in-person workshops and experiences at schools or other venues as we are concentrating on outside sessions. 


  • Covid Aware half day sessions at Herd Farm. We are continuing to offer half day Covid aware sessions only. Law has become guidance and Covid is still with us so we have no plans yet to return to our full day sessions at the moment to keep our visitors and leaders safe. The half days have also proved to be very popular as we can work with 2 classes from the same school in a day and cater for schools further away too. They are 100% outside.  Contact Tina for further information and to make bookings. See FAQs for further information.
  • Art and craft works are always available via the Etsy on-line shop.
  • Meetings of the Leeds Forest School Cluster Group restarted in person meetings from Autumn 2021in outside areas of our members settings. If you would like to join the group email Tina requesting to be added to the members list.
  • Starting soon at Herd Farm - Covid Aware monthly sessions for adults, 100% outside - Nature Reconnection at the Roundhouses - monthly Holistic sessions including mindful walk, mini nature inspired art or craft introductory workshop, refreshments and conversation around the fire in the roundhouse enclosure. Give yourself a digital detox, connect with nature and prehistory. This session will have its roots in Forest School although it will be guided and there will be no tree climbing or rope swinging! Great for those who are missing social interaction but not ready for busy indoor venues. Contact Tina ( to be added to the mailing list.

Nature inspired art & craft for sale and mini workshops for adults

Nature inspired art and craft can be purchased through TinaRobertsFSPArt, Etsy UK online shop See link to the right.


Contact Tina for information on Nature Reconnection at the Roundhouses which include mini nature inspired workshops.

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